How can I get my password reset?
If you forgot your password, there is a forgot password utility on the login page under the password field. Enter your email and the security image text to start the process. If you have security questions stored within the system, you will be asked to answer some of these questions. If you do not have questions within the system, a new one time use password will be sent to the email account on file.

How can I login?
Go to and enter your email address and password into the supplied fields on the login form. If you have an account that was previously approved, your user name will be the email address that you used during registration. If you can not remember your password, click the forgot password? link on the login page. Note: Your user name is not case sensitive, but your password is case sensitive.

Who Can Access the Ciena Extranet?
Ciena offers a rich web portal environment for our customers, partners, and analysts.

How Do You Get Access?
In order to receive a portal login account, you must complete the Extranet Account Registration Form. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

The most important aspect to the registration form is your email address. Your email address must be your company-based account (not your home or personal email). By not supplying a company-based account, you risk delaying the approval process or getting your request denied.

How Long Will It Take?
Your request is routed to the appropriate account team within Ciena and manually reviewed for validation and approval. A typical response time is one to two business days. For new customers and new partners, the response time will be up to a week, as we will need to validate the support contract and perform some back-end system setup and administration.

When your account is set up, you will receive a direct email from Ciena and you can log in with your registered password. If you do not hear back after two business days, contact your Ciena account team or email and we will escalate your request.

Questions and Feedback?
We want your feedback and suggestions for our Extranet site! If you have any problems, we want to know immediately. Please direct these to

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